Connect ActiveCampaign With Web Forms

Add new subscribers to your mailing lists. You can enhance your forms with advanced optimization features to boost subscriber numbers. Connect your form to your ActiveCampaign and receive leads through form submissions.

Integrate ActiveCampaign With Contact Form

Connect ActiveCampaign app with your form and collect leads and incoming submissions. Map your form fields to Active Campaign. Your data will be synced every time someone submits your form.

Main Features of ActiveCampaign

Seamless Integration
Automatically add subscribers to your email newsletter lists when a form is submitted.

Add Tags to Your Contacts
Add tags to your contacts for easy segmentation.

Opt-In Conditional Logic
Control opt-in and only add subscribers when a certain condition is met.

Actionable Insights
Capture more than just an email address from your ActiveCampaign subscribers.

Save Custom Fields
Map your form fields to your email list fields and Gain more information about your subscribers.

Send Last Broadcast
Why wait until the next time you send new mailing list content to new subscribers?

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activecampaign form builder
Automate your work by connecting ActiveCampaign with your contact form.



Campaign Monitor

Campaign Monitor

Automatically send subscriber info from any form directly into Campaign Monitor.



Connect your forms with thousands of cloud applications via Zapier.

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