Connect Constant Contact With Web Forms

Collect email lists online with ease! You can easily add integration to your forms to send contacts to your Constant Contact email lists.

Integrate Constant Contact With Contact Form

If you run a business, chances are you rely on email to keep in touch with your customers and to communicate important information like upcoming product releases, discounts and specials, and more. While you could individually email each customer, carefully crafting each email campaign by hand, you don't need to thanks to email marketing tools like Constant Contact.

With Constant Contact, you can easily create, send, and scale email marketing campaigns and have important analytics at your fingertips like open rate and click-through rate. Now with i1Page form and Constant Contact, you can create new email lists—or update existing email lists—from i1Page form responses. Capture new leads with i1Page form, and stay in touch with them thanks to Constant Contact.

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Automate your work by connecting Constant Contact with your contact form.





Integrate MailChimp and i1Page Forms to create fully customizable signup forms!

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Google Analytics

This will let you know how many people saw your forms, filled them or finished and submitted them.



Use WebHooks to send data from your forms to any custom page or script you like.

How you ask is everything.


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