Connect Google Sheets With Web Forms

Connect your Google account and Save Form entries in Google Sheets.

Integrate Google Sheets With Contact Form

Google Sheets is a powerful data management tool that helps you organize important data and collaborate with others. Integrate i1Page forms with Google Sheets to automatically sync form submissions to your spreadsheets and update your data in real-time.

Automate your workflow and cut out manual data entry with i1Page’s Google Sheets integration. New form data will be sent to your spreadsheets instantly so you and your team can view and analyze it right away.

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google sheets
Automate your work by connecting Google Sheets with your contact form.



Campaign Monitor

Campaign Monitor

Automatically send subscriber info from any form directly into Campaign Monitor.



Connect i1Page forms with PayPal & start collecting payments with your forms!

constant contact

Constant Contact

Collect email lists online with ease! You can easily add integration to your forms to send contacts to your Constant Contact email lists.

How you ask is everything.


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