Connect Webhooks With Web Forms

Use WebHooks to send data from your forms to any custom page or script you like.

Integrate Webhooks With Contact Form

You can use the WebHooks Add-On to send data from your forms to any custom page or script you like. This page can perform integration tasks to transform, parse, manipulate and send your submission data to wherever you choose.

If you are developing an application that needs to be updated every time a form is submitted, WebHooks is for you. The advantage of WebHooks is that the passing of data is immediate and you can pass all submitted form data at once.

What's a WebHook?

A WebHook is just a push notification from i1Page forms to another server every time someone submits your forms.

What can you do with a WebHook?

WebHooks makes easier to integrate two systems. The most common use for a WebHook is to feed leads into your CRM. But there are lots of other things you could do as well.

What Do You Need?

The very nature of a WebHook assumes that you have some ability to write code (or bribe a friend or colleague who does). You need to have a server that can accept a POST request (the one you’d get from a form submission), and be able to write a script that does something in response.

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Automate your work by connecting Webhooks with your contact form.




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Campaign Monitor

Campaign Monitor

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How you ask is everything.


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