Secure Forms

Are there any security features available in the forms?

Yes. Your forms are served across a protected, 256-bit Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) connection. When you choose to encrypt your forms, submissions are transferred and stored after being encrypted with the RSA-2048 key at the user’s internet browser. Additionally, you can enable extra privacy and spam protection from settings.

Do you store all encrypted form data? Do you send notification emails for encrypted forms?

Submissions are transferred and stored (If selected) are encrypted. However, file uploads are not encrypted. Notification emails for these forms cannot contain any submission data, and therefore are not encrypted.

Will our data be protected both in-transit and at-rest if we use your system?

Yes, if you encrypt your form, submission data is locally encrypted at your internet browser with an RSA 2048 encryption key. Encrypted submission data is once more encrypted during transmission to our servers with 256 bit SSL encryption. Once it reaches our servers, the SSL is decrypted and your data is stored encrypted at our servers, so that only you or someone with your unique RSA encryption key can read the data.

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